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100 heavy trucks, 45 crews, zero projects we can’t handle

From regular maintenance and compliance to emergency spills, IVAC provides the full range of field personnel, equipment and expertise to meet our clients’ needs.

Industrial Vacuuming

IVAC specializes in industrial cleaning services. Our fleet of SuperSucker® M-Class Industrial Vacuum Loaders are the largest industrial loaders on the market today, and capable of pulling a full 28-inch negative vacuum at 6,000 cubic feet per minute airflow. These vehicles have a unique versatility to vacuum a variety of materials from fine particles such as sand and powder, to larger-mass material such as gravel and rock. The trucks also have the capability to vacuum wet or dry materials.

Silos, Elevators & Other Large Containment Structures

IVAC’s heavy duty loaders and experienced personnel provide silo and other large containment structure cleaning services for a wide variety of industrial, farm and other applications. IVAC also has specialty (electrically) grounded loaders for use in environments requiring explosion risk control and mitigation, and important consideration for safety compliance.

WTP and WWTP Cleaning

IVAC provides specialty and cost-effective tank cleaning services for WTP, WWTP and related facilities throughout the Southeast US, and has experienced teams dedicated to tank cleaning services. IVAC has worked in a wide variety of tank types including sediment tanks, digesters, aerators and other structures. Our services include sludge removal, filter media removal and disposal, and filter media installation. IVAC provides the quickest, most efficient resources for servicing WTPs and WWTPs, while eliminating the risk of damage to existing equipment during the removal process.

Industrial Pipe Cleaning

IVAC’s fleet of Jet/Vac trucks are specially designed to restore your system to optimal condition. Our trucks come equipped with a high-pressure jetter to clean pipe walls, and a powerful vacuum to remove associated debris and blockage, maximizing service flow.

IVAC’s CCTV inspection uses custom controlled cameras to locate, inspect and document defects and other damage within pipes. Our cameras operate on a variety of sleds, tracks, and wheels to allow for quality video recording of various pipe types, materials, and sizes.

Hydro Excavation

IVAC provides hydro excavation services for a wide variety of applications, including utility location, potholing and daylighting, where the use of less destructive methods of excavation are ideal. IVAC’s fleet of loaders are equipped to perform hydro excavation for a multitude of uses.

Filter Media Removal and Installation

IVAC has more than 20 year’s experience in filter media removal and installation. Our crews and equipment can handle a wide range of media types, including gravel, sand, other media for gravity and pressure vessel filtering. IVAC also offers turn-key filter media supply, delivery and installation.